The Chiropractic industry is one which could benefit from a solid ongoing radio campaign highlighting the various services they offer. These include: manual manipulation for back pain, neck pain and headaches; rehabilitation;extremity manipulation and adjustments; diet and nutritional counseling; and non-manual treatment for neck and back pain. Most chiropractors operate independent practices, although you may find a practice where two or more have joined forces. It is important to note that qualified chiropractors should always be addressed as “Doctor” in all communication.
The 2013 Market Research Report on Chiropractors published by Anything Research contains the following helpful insights.

“Chiropractors are seeing higher demand for services, but tightened insurance restrictions. As one of the most popular alternative health industries, patients have proved willing to invest in care and associated natural products. Chiropractors have experienced operating challenges brought on by the economic downturn and rising healthcare costs. With decreasing patient volume and lowered income, chiropractic offices have cut back on operating costs and focused on providing care. As a result, business growth and accounting have been most impacted. Medicare and private insurers have made payment and reimbursement processes for providers more difficult and time-consuming. Already cash-strapped providers are forced to spend additional resources to meet their guidelines and complete financial procedures. Despite these challenges, chiropractors have several positive opportunities. Back and neck pain are some of the most commonly treated conditions; pain management is also a top care sector within healthcare.” Here are some radio spots for you to review as you build your strategy to land Chiropractor prospects: Hartey Chiropractor, El Paso Chiropractor, Advantage Chiropractor Toney Chirporactor Hopkins Health and Wellness Center Town and Country Genesis Chiropractor Although these snippets are about 5 years old, they will help you better understand the Chiropractic marketing arena. This is an interesting case study with a Chiropractor taking advantage of the power of radio This article also highlights the importance of radio advertising. Congratulations, this should help establish a professional approach as you build your client base. Wishing you the best on your selling efforts.