Event marketing is another opportunity for broadcasters to combine broadcast promotion with online, social media and mobile platforms to deepen engagement with consumers attending offline events. Here’s 5 reason why broadcasters should seriously consider building an event marketing revenue stream:
1. broadcast promotion

No other local media platform can make an event more successful than radio or TV promotion. Broadcast can drive greater attendance and awareness than any digital platform on its own.

2. multiple platforms, means more money

Leverage all of your digital marketing services by combining it with your broadcast promotion to create deeper engagement with the event. Creating marketing opportunities across multiple platforms means more and larger sponsorship opportunities as well.

3. local relationships and engagement

Building events from scratch or even just promoting events takes loads of local knowledge and key relationships with various local organizations to make the event a success. Radio and TV broadcasters have both!

4. defensible against digital ad competitors

Stand alone broadcast websites will never be attractive to advertising agencies and will never be able to compete against online advertising networks. However, broadcasters have a huge advantage over Facebook and Google in terms of using their local relationships to organize and promote events online and offline.

5. reoccurring revenue

The best part about events is that they provide reoccurring revenue for your station, whether monthly, quarterly or annually. Events become established in the consciousness of a local community, providing a reliable and sustainable marketing opportunity for advertisers over the long term.