Your local advertisers may be asking you about all different types of of digital marketing services from building websites to managing their Facebook page, but how can you make money for your station?

You could build your own in-house digital advertising agency, but if you don’t have the expertise or the resources, consider becoming a reseller of various digital marketing services.

As a reseller you’ll make a commission on the sale (figure 15%), but will hand over the delivery of the service to an expert. You can also add and remove services as your clients’ needs change.

Become the one-stop shop for them and make some money from solving their most pressing digital marketing problems. Then use your broadcast inventory to promote their new website, Facebook page or mobile app.

Here are 10 digital marketing services you might consider reselling to your clients. Pick a handful of services. Consider surveying your existing clients to see which services spark their interest. Look for local firms in your market first. Small businesses prefer human interaction!

1. website design and development
2. display ad and rich media creative
3. video production
4. social media promotions
5. mobile marketing promotions
6. inbound marketing
7. email/ newsletter management
8. search engine optimization
9. blog article writing service
10. web hosting