Whether it is for treatment of an injury, a spinal check up, or just as a method to release stress and tension, chiropractors are getting more and more popular in the American public and medical communities. Due to individual research and the fact that doctors recommend them more than they used to, chiropractic services are becoming more and more mainstream. Here are some ideas of local spots that you can use with chiropractors in your own market to help you show them that an advertising campaign is not only possible, but is well worth the investment:

Click here for an example from Pacific Advertising in how to use humor to convey the serious message that a local chiropractor can help with your back pain.

Click here for an example of an effective testimonial from a medical professional endorsing a local chiropractor’s services.

Click here for 10 (yep, that’s TEN!) examples of chiropractor ads that can be customized to your local market.


Click here for an informational spot for Advantage Chiropractic in Auburn, AL.

Click here for a one-minute spot from Hartey Chiropractic, a local practice. This spot comes complete with a jingle that will be stuck in your head for the next three days!

Click here for a humorous one-minute game show-style spot for El Paso Doctors of Chiropractic. Don’t miss the special offer at the end and the catchy slogan that closes the spot!